Jamon, figs and sunshine

Our concierge lives locally and has extensive knowledge of the area and you will receive her details upon payment of a booking deposit. This page is just to give you a flavour of the things she could help you with, if you wished.

 - Catered gourmet meals or local specialities, such as paella, delivered to your accommodation.

 - Restaurant recommendations (near and far) and reservations

 - Home visits for beauty treatments eg leg waxing, massage and yoga instruction or trips to the nearby Spa

 - Horse riding and other sporting activities such as rock climbing, caving and life adventure day safaris

 - Water sports eg. jet skiing, sea kayaking, parascending, scuba diving and sailing

 - Walking and birdwatching with a guide or recommending walks depending on the length required

 - Where to go and what to do seasonally, locally and further afield eg markets, bull fighting, museums, historic buildings, flamenco  dancing and cinema information - to name but a few

 - Spanish language lessons

Our aim is to give you the best chance to experience everything that you would like to during your stay. Of course, you may just wish to sunbathe!