We had a wonderful stay at your beautiful Casa Rosa. It was a lovely piece of paradise and we couldnt have asked for more. I will definitely be recommending Casa Rosa to friends

Ferris Family 2016 2/4/2016

We wanted to say how much we enjoyed being at Casa Rosa and what a wonderful house it is. It has Wakefield stamped all over it!

The Fords 2016 17/4/2016

We had the most fantastic time. My friends thought it was amazing.

The Handys and friends 2016 19/9/2016

Our stay at Casa Rosa has already been voted the best of our family vacations in Europe. Our oldest grandson, aged 16, is now planning to graduate early from high school so he can spend several months in Andalucia before he starts college in the US.

Carroll Family (USA) 2016 14/11/2016

Magical! We rented all 3 houses on the Casa Rosa Estate for a family reunion and it could not have been more idyllic. This is as close to perfection as you will find.

Leckie Family 2016 14/11/2016

All my party, without exception, totally fell in love with Casa Rosa - it is the most gorgeous house and I am so grateful that you rent out what is clearly a much loved family home so that others can enjoy it.

Molloy party 2016 14/11/2016

I cannot thank you enough for allowing us all to enjoy your beautiful home. We had no idea what awaited us and I will never forget arriving at Casa Rosa. We were all stunned by the magic you have weaved to create such a stunning garden and home. Everywhere you look the views are majestic and beautiful and the house is so wonderfully designed and thought through. Everything worked perfectly

Shirreff Family 2015 14/11/2016

We had a wonderful golden wedding celebration at Casa Rosa. Thank you for trusting us with your beautiful Spanish home.

The Andersons 2015 14/11/2016

We wanted to let you know, we had a wonderful holiday at your house. It was a "home" not just the next rental place and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Artémise, David & friends (Belgium) 2015 14/11/2016

Thank you for the use of Adelaida. It's a beautiful house. We had a fantastic week there which flew by far too quickly.

Adelaida - The Gullands (Australia) 2015 14/11/2016

Many thanks for having, it really is a little piece of Paradise and we certainly hope to be back again.

Raynor Family 2015 14/11/2016

We had a fabulous time. The house is beautiful and everyone was in love with it. All very comfortable, a great tennis court and a lovely pool. Easy flights via Southampton too. I will definitely recommend it to friends.

T Lawlor and friends 2014 14/11/2016

I just felt compelled to write you a quick thank you for the fabulous two weeks we have spent at Casa Rosa. From the quality of the house to the terrace and the pool, through to evening watching the stars and picking almonds and figs from the trees in the garden, it was fabulous. As you know we were travelling with my disabled sister, and although there is the odd step here and there, the wheelchair generally was able to go most places, which was so important to us.

Evans Family 14/11/2016

We have stayed at villas all over Europe most years for the last 30 years, and this was the most beautiful. We shall return.

The Westgarths 2014 14/11/2016

We had a most enjoyable holiday and spent a lot of time by the pool and playing tennis at the beginning and end of the day. We shopped locally and had a couple of simple but delicious meals in the village and joined the local fiesta one evening.

Mavor Family 2013 14/11/2016

We really appreciated being in a family home and felt more like your houseguests than "renters".

Hatchard Family 2013 14/11/2016

We so enjoyed our stay at Casa Rosa - can't imagine a more idyllic or quiet location. We were also most impressed with the local walks. Needless to say the house is as perfect as the setting.

A Eicken 2013 14/11/2016

We loved nothing better than to soak up the sun on the terrace, lounging round the pool by day and then watching it set over the hills in the evening. Periana is just around the corner with all the shops you need and some lovely bars too for an early evening drink. We would heartily recommend staying at Casa Rosa without hesitation.

Minnie and Simon Tatham 2012 14/11/2016

Casa Rosa is a private hideaway, a place to write, paint and sip delicious cocktails.

Christian and Louise James 2012 14/11/2016

This house has such tranquillity and calm: it would be hard to find a more restorative environment. Thanks for such a lovely visit.

Simon and Alison Taylor 2011 14/11/2016

When we made it up the mountain and turned down the track, the villa, the olive groves, the view of the mountains and the peace, we knew it was going to be a wonderful week.

Dunnett Family 2012 14/11/2016

We did indeed enjoy Adelaida to the fullest and have grown quite fond of that splendid place of yours. Not only the incredibly beautiful and breathtaking surroundings (360 degrees!) and peaceful setting but also the very tasteful interior of the house all contributed to creating the ultimate experience....all in all, it was a bit of a fairy tale.

The Hammershoeis 2017 4/2/2018

A very pretty place indeed.

The Fletchers 2017 4/2/2018

We adored Adelaida. Absolutely perfect in every way really! The house is lovely and perfectly arranged and we loved the garden. The pool is perfectly sized and situated -- we swam every day.

The Faulks 2017 4/2/2018

Our holiday in Casa Rosa was fantastic !! We enjoyed all the wonderful facilities and the weather was also great.

The Ruitermans (The Netherlands) 2017 4/2/2018

The house is as lovely as ever and the garden was looking wonderful.

The Buckmasters 2017 4/2/2018

Thank you - missing Casa Rosa so much!!!

The Jardine Patersons 2017 4/2/2018

We had a lovely time at Adelaida enjoying the weather and the amazing view.

The Broadfoots 2017 4/2/2018

The whole family - including my parents, who joined us for 4 days - uses the word "paradise" instead of "Casa Rosa" - we are so glad that we could stay there for at least two marvellous weeks (with ideal temperatures); all of us were really impressed by the tremendous taste and the high art of living that you have designed!! We enjoyed every second on the estate - including the pool and the tennis court, but also every corner of the terrasse or inside, leaving it only for the Picasso museum and a 4h- visiting-tour with a private guide on the Alhambra- and for sure: for doing the shopping! Our holidays in Casa Rosa were the most perfect ones we have ever seen!!! We very much hope to see the paradise once again in the years to come!!

The Vulpius family (Germany) 2017 4/2/2018

I just wanted to drop you a line to say what a wonderful week we had at your lovely home. A little piece of paradise! It could not have been more perfect; The House Manager was extremely helpful and arranged everything beautifully even organising a last minute taxi ride for the young to the tutti frutti nightclub! The house had everything we needed and more and being a keen gardener myself, I fully appreciated the gorgeous garden and all the hard work that goes into it. We very much hope we will be able to take the house again.

The Leng family 2017 4/2/2018

Everything is wonderful down here!

The Calder-Smiths 2017 4/2/2018

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful Casa Rosa! The House Manager has been so helpful and welcoming. We are all delighted, this amazing place has been so worth the wait!

The Hollimans 2017 4/2/2018

We had a lovely time and the weather was not unbearably hot luckily! We absolutely loved Casa Rosa - what a beautiful garden and so well kept.

The Graves Family 2017 4/2/2018

We thoroughly enjoyed the villa, it was beautiful and we had a fabulous time. We really appreciated the 'homeliness' - lovely things, etc, etc.

The Myrtle Family 2017 4/2/2018

We loved your house and garden.

The Johnston Family 2017 4/2/2018

The two weeks at Casa Rosa was the perfect birthday celebration and all the family and guests loved the house and surrounding countryside as much as we do. There were several notable highlights including a trip to the Alhambra, a day on the the beach at Maro, dinner at the house supplied by Antonio, a delicious paella and a long lunch for 15 at Restaurant Verdugo in the town square. As you know this is our second trip to Casa Rosa and we have grown to love the house and grounds and nearby Periana. It has a special peace and beauty. We very much look forward to being allowed to stay there again in the future.

The Knights 2017 4/2/2018

We had one of the best holidays ever at lovely Casa Rosa. So I´m just a litte bit sad, that our two weeks flew away so quickly.

The Klähns (Germany) 2017 4/2/2018

We all felt very much at home in your wonderful family home and will be back!

The Russells 2017 4/2/2018

It’s a lovely home and we really enjoyed our stay. Sarah was wonderful by the way and the Paella was great though by the end of the week we felt like professional chefs and all thought we should have had a go! Next time perhaps! The tapas night was really excellent and that is a must for your future guests I suggest.

The Dudderidge Family 2018 6/5/2019

We had a fantastic stay at Casa Rosa! We enjoyed every minute!

The Lövgren Family 2018 6/5/2019

We had a beautiful time in your house. What a place! The kids didn’t want to go anywhere, just wanted to stay at the house! We loved Andalusië.

I Edel-Albers 2018 6/5/2019

We had a great time at Casa Rosa, and can see why you love it so much. Thanks for letting us use it.

The Parkins Family 2018 6/5/2019

Of course we had an idyllic holiday at Casa Rosa - it is a really magical place and I hope we can go back again before too long.

The Tatham Family 2018 6/5/2019

We had a wonderful time which is not hard given the magnificent accommodation, facilities and surroundings. Thank you …. we love the place and hope to be back.

The Westgarth Family 2018 6/5/2019

We really enjoyed our stay at Adelaida - it is such a pretty house, and it was just what we needed. Its a perfect rural retreat - far from the madding crowds on the coast. Adelaida certainly lived up to expectations. Thank you.

The Jones Family 2018 6/5/2019

Well once again we had a wonderful relaxing break in your most tranquil of settings, we thoroughly enjoyed our time but it just seemed to go by too quick.

G Aldrich 2018 6/5/2019

We had a wonderful holiday, thanks ever so much. We are pretty keen to stay again next year.

R Mckenna 2018 6/5/2019

We had an amazing time! We all loved staying in Adelaida and visiting our friends in Casa Rosa most evenings. The wedding was just lovely too. Thanks so much for everything and Sara was really helpful. I will be highly recommending the Casa Rosa Estate to all my friends.

J Quinn 2018 12/5/2019

We all had an amazing time at Casa Rosa. It is such a tremendous place you are so lucky ! I really enjoyed wondering round the gardens and grounds. We played tennis, drank too much and all thoroughly enjoyed living the high life.

K Clarke 2018 12/5/2019

We had such a fantastic time at Rosita, it really is a special little place :) It made our trip.

V Rock and K Kelly 2018 12/5/2019

I had the most wonderful time at Casa Rosa celebrating my 50th birthday, couldn’t have asked for better! You really are truly lucky to have such a special home in the most tranquil setting!

S Arnold 2018 12/5/2019

we had a wonderful 2 weeks staying at Casa Rosa. The villa is absolutely beautiful. It felt like a real home, rather than a rental. We had different friends each week and everyone loved it. Lots of tennis was played and we ventured out for golf on a few occasions. Thank you for loaning us your beautiful villa.

S Debenham 2018 12/5/2019

We just love Casa Rosa. It is the most perfect, wonderful home and we are just loving every minute. There are plans to go back next year!!

A Wills 2018 12/5/2019

Just a quick note to thank you all for a most enjoyable vacation at Adelaida. As you know, it is our second time there and we are looking forward to our third.

D Fraser 2018 12/5/2019

Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful home (Adelaida). I hope we shall be back!

E Bonas 2018 12/5/2019